Welcome to my blog

2 minute read Published: 2022-04-30

This is /dev/random.

Some random bits from a biased quantum-based random generator, or so-called my brain.

For the very first post, I'm gonna write on how I set this blog up, so that if you are interested, you can try it my way.

Blog Engine

As a Rust lover, I choose Zola as my driver, it's a nice written in Rust static page generator. Just like Golang, Rust can compile the whole project into nice single binary that can be downloaded and run everywhere. That is also the way I set CI to deploy this blog, but more on that later.


Github Page is home for us developer, and it's also free. Why not?


To deploy to Github Page, I have to push the final HTMLs to master branch, so I keep the sources (blogs content, templates, configurations) in a source branch. After done writing blog posts and configuring, We build using:

zola build

Now Zola will generate the nice HTMLs, minified CSSs all into public folder, we need to push that folder as the content of master branch, using:

git subtree push --prefix public origin master


Everytime I change something I need to run the Deployment steps again. Let's be lazy and ask someone else to do that for us, introducing TravisCI.
Register your Github project with TravisCI and we are ready to roll, be careful not to register your project with both https://travis-ci.com and https://travis-ci.org because that was what I did, and it caused some confusions for me.

After that, put .travis.yml file into your project with following content:

language: minimal

  - source

  # Download and unzip the zola executable
  # Replace the version numbers in the URL by the version you want to use
  - curl -s -L https://github.com/getzola/zola/releases/download/v0.15.3/zola-v0.15.3-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz | sudo tar xvzf - -C /usr/local/bin

  - zola build

  provider: pages
  skip-cleanup: true
  github-token: $GITHUB_TOKEN  # Set in the settings page of your repository, as a secure variable
  keep-history: true
  local-dir: public
  target-branch: master
    branch: source

Push it on and wait for the result:

git push origin source

That's all of it. Hope to see you soon.